elaine longtemps music

First Inversion, polymer-painted rope, pencil, cotton duck, 120"x60"x12"

Inversions is an ongoing project inspired by the Canon a 2 per tonos (the modulating canon) from Bach's Musical Offering. Below is a list of the solutions so far:

  1. Solution 1. My notation of various chord inversions on six separate grids.

  2. Solution 2. Four canvases, each containing six different parts, each part containing one of my six grid notations which dictate the placement of the ropes. The four canvases are identical in every respect except the inversion of the colors and of the direction in which I worked.

  3. Solution 3. Collaboration with Sean Longtemps, who created six parts of computer music, each part containing the same inversions of chords as my grid notation in Solution 1 (click link to hear the computer music).

  4. Solution 4. A print-out of the computer music notation.

  5. Solution 5. Six parts of my grid notation translating the music notation from Solution 4.

  6. Solution 6. The form of the next solution remains open. It could be six canvases that completely invert making a giant inversion, or it could be a collaboration in a completely different art form.
Photography by Sean Longtemps